1. Introduction

Pixels is a board game for 2 to 4 players. Each player is a pixel on a screen.

There was once a time when all of the pixels would work together to display an entire frame. Those days came to an end, and now all of the pixels war to just display their own colour, and prevent the others from doing the same.

Important This game is in early alpha. Prior to playtesting, all numbers are made up.

Europe by Næþ'n Lasseter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


2. Contents

  • 1 pixel chrominance board, showing three looped tracks Red, Green and Blue from 0 to 7

  • 1 pixel luminance board, showing one track from 0 to 120

  • 1 pad of pixel chrominance tracking sheets, 10 columns with space to write in each of the target chrominance values for the scanline (card and result).

  • 16 pixel tokens

  • xx target chrominance cards

  • yy action cards

2.1. Chrominance Board


2.2. Luminance Board


2.3. Player Sheet


3. Setup

  1. Each pixel places their pixel tokens on 0 on each of the chrominance and luminance tracks

  2. The target chrominance and action card decks are shuffled

  3. Each pixel receives starting hands of y action cards

  4. Each pixel receives a chrominance tracking sheet

  5. Decide on a starting pixel

4. Game Order

The frame consists of 10 scanlines.

In each scanline:

  1. Each pixel receives a new target chrominance card and adds it onto their chrominance target

    • If a value goes above 7 or below 0 then it wraps, so 6+3=1, 2-5=5

  2. Each pixel in turn plays 4 action cards

  3. Each pixel is scored and their luminance increased

5. Cards

5.1. Target Chrominance Cards

The target chrominance deck consists of cards which look like:

  |  +5  |
  |  -4  |
  |  +3  |

5.2. Action Cards

The action deck consists of cards which look like:

  | Move up to  |
  |  to eight   |
  | chrominance |

5.3. Cards List

5.3.1. Target Chrominance Cards

5.3.2. Action Cards

6. Scoring

  • For each chrominance value on target: 3 luminosity

  • For each chrominance value one off target: 2 luminosity

  • For each chrominance value two off target: 1 luminosity

  • If the above totals 6 or more, 3 luminosity

The winner is the pixel with the highest luminosity at the end of the frame.