Right Angle Samsung (Not-Quite-)DPMI Connector


I just attained a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" Wifi, and bought a cheap book-style cover from Tesco. Unfortunately, as the DPMI port is at the bottom of the device, it ends up in the spine, so when I want to charge it I have to either leave the cover open, or bend the cable around. After some Googling, I determined that nobody thought to manufacture a right-angle version of this cable, so I hacked my own. Many thanks to Phenoptix, who gave me the Sugru for free at EMFCamp 2012.


First, I bought a second cable (I didn't want to ruin my only one) from Amazon for just under £3. I felt this was a reasonable cost if it went tits up and didn't work afterwards.
Next I stripped off the strain guard with a craft knife. This is moulded to the cable, so when this is done the metal shield is visible.


Now that the cable can be easily bent flat against the top of the connector, the strain relief needs to be replaced. For this, I simply wrapped the connector copiously in Sugru.
Next I left it overnight to cure and after 24 hours it was ready to use. I gripped the connector in my PanaVise (Also a Phenoptix buy) and stood the vice on the cable to hold it in place while the Sugru cures.
The remaining tiny amount of Sugru I wrapped in the foil packet and then in lots of cheap LX tape to keep air and moisture out, and dumped it in the freezer. If it goes off I'm not too fussed (It's just under half a packet) but hopefully this should keep it until I can think of a use for it.