Feel free to use any photo for any purpose for free, just drop me a line to let me know for my curiosity.

Actually, now I think about it, technically I don't have rights for some of them, so do let me know which one(s) you want to use and I'll give you a heads up.

EmergencyRepairs.png Enemys_base.jpg HidamariPOST.png KnottEnd.jpg SoraTea.png URY.jpg Yorkshire.jpg beware.jpg bismul.png bulb.jpg cake.jpg cancel.png cloth.jpg errordrawinggraph.png hello_kidney.png ibm.png jenga.jpg lulu.png mcpproject.jpg ogapc.png owl.jpg pauseandbyrne.png planemountains.jpg preatt.png prophoto.jpg prophoto2.jpg prophotosqu.jpg prophotosqu100.jpg pyramid.jpg roundabout.jpg slide.13.gif smr.jpg tee.jpg wh_cairn.jpg winterhill.jpg wirestripper.jpg zombie-sasha.png