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So you thought goroutines were cheap? [Permalink] [Tweet] 22-08-2015 19:30 UTC

It's taken me a while, but here you go, Joe.

From "Programming Erlang" by Joe Armstrong, 2007 armstrongonsoftware.
Chapter 8.11: Exercises

2. Write a ring benchmark. Create N processes in a ring. Send a message round the ring M times so that a total of N * M messages get sent. Time how long this takes for different values of N and M.

Write a similar program in some other programming language you are familiar with. Compare the results. Write a blog, and publish the results on the Internet!

Having done this, I got the same order of magnitude results for 5 goroutines as 50000 erlang processes.

Erlang version

Go version

If I've made a glaring error, please let me know.