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Review: Silent Eye [Permalink] [Tweet] 28-07-2020 19:57 UTC

I recently watched Silent Eye on Amazon Prime. Here's a short review from worst to best. Prepare for unqualified criticism.


Episode 3: The Unlocking Thought

Here's some cool tech that does a great job helping people with an important issue. Also, the protagonist has an alcohol problem and his girlfriend breaks up with him because he's an arse. These two arcs are only barely linked.


Episode 2: ReGen

In the future we have magic that can bring people back from the dead. It's not clear if this is widely available to the public. Also some people are stealing bitcoin. It's not clear why.

The way they tell the story from end to start is cool. I always enjoy that.


Episode 5: The Sleep House

This one actually had a coherent premise. Too bad it was just world building and there wasn't any real plot. Good premise though.


Episode 4: The Museum of Me

Seems like a pretty evil thing to do to someone, but well plotted and decent characters make the plot surprisingly compelling.


Episode 1: You Have Been Chosen

Of all five episodes, this one actually had a decent premise and interesting plot. Leaving some open questions about the the plot device keeps the viewer interested. It has a decent, unconventional antagonist with unclear motives. It also comes back as a plot point in episode 4.